Sunday, July 26, 2009

07.25.09 ~ Karma Foundation: Kandy Vegas @ Palms 0 Fab Point(s)

We didn't attend ALL of 3 dreary days of Kandy Vegas- lets just put that out there right now...

"How do you hoes review an event you didn't fully attend?" you ask...well the point of this blog is to rant a bit more than anything.

WE did attend Miller Light's Ditch Friday at the pool- and that was alright- no thanks to Kandy Vegas the 2 random games littered around the pool area that no one understood. 

Plus- remember Pauly Shore at House of Blues? Ya- we didn't 'attend' that either.

If your customer service is so bad it makes us NOT want to return, that is a review in and of itself.
Apparently the theme for this event of Kandy Vegas was
Circus Big Top.

Um, I saw some really creepy dude in a bumble bee costume...but where the fuck where the massive amounts of balloons?

Do you see any balloons? Does this pool look like there is a circus- themed party going on? it's not just us...

I'm telling you people- you wanna make people happy- blow up some balloons and tie them on shit. It's seriously the simplest thing you can do to make people say "ohhh balloons! what's going on?!" We were all children once...we love the sight of balloons. 

That being said, there was a really cute girl there whose bathing suit was just fab- so we told her to pose for us- and that now she's gonna be famous. 

This is how you do Vegas the Right Way! Be cute, have fun and don't embarrass yourself. And by "yourself" I mean...the venue.

and we hung out with our bff Ufe at Miller (who sets up that huge tent over the VIP pool every weekend...singlehandedly...attaboy!) 

And then we go on to the remainder of the Kandy Vegas events...

Setting the scene for you:

Saturday LLE and I ventured into the Palms to pick up our wristbands for the three day extravaganza. We are Palms VIP girls, so we were specifically invited to attend the shenanigans. Even asked if we wanted to donate money to the Karma Foundation. We didn't get much info on who they were so decided to check it out.

We found that it's set up pretty much like United Way. Now, LLE administered a 501 (c) (3) in NYC, so she doesn't particularly like the set-up of foundations that collect and give out money without a cause of their own. Looks like a middle-man to us. Plus, I would rather support my local charities ANY day then give money to a foundation that puts on parties. I mean- this party sucked anyway, so we're glad we didn't donate. Call us 'principled' or whatever.

Saturday afternoon we head to swing by the Palms quick- decide to give valet some Monster Energy and head in for, what we think, will be a nice little inspiration for the Candy themed events that evening.

How wrong we were.

Checking into an event that you were INVITED to should, in theory, be a simple process...and should have been BECAUSE WE WERE INVITED! duh! 

But no.

We head into this 'stuff store' and encounter 4 "Karma" employees giddily talking amongst themselves. We bubbily say hello to Michael, an event coordinator with a jewish Mussad jacket on standing outside. 

LLE twirks her head...where are we?

We walk up to the counter with the lists so beautifully gleaming with magic highlights. 

We tell them our names.
We wait.
We spring up while they search...why is this process always nerve-racking? We were invited, duh.

"So what do you ladies have planned to wear tonight? We just can't think of what to put together"

Without giving us eye contact we hear a "wear white"

"oh?" I pop

someone else answers "well, guys wear white- girls wear colorful candy themed outfits"

Right...we got that. Examples you nasty bitches?

Finally, Lauralie's (LLE) name is found- ID is taken. Wristband slapped on- after retrieved from some far away place...

OK, Juliette's turn.

"You're not on the list" we're commanded

"Oh, well Melanie from Nine group put us on the list. I have her email right here." I say, waving my sparkly blackberry

"Oh. well she needs to call me." sass

"Alright, I can email her I guess- I don't have her phone number on me."

"ya do that."

15 minutes later- after standing there for god knows why and watching a group of men being told the ENTIRE agenda Lauralie spats out "Ummm....why are we still here? What are we waiting for?" she definitely turned on the attitude

"We're waiting for Melanie to email your friend." sass

"Well can you guys call her?" solution!

"No, we don't have her number."

"Ok, well can I show you this email?" I spritely offer

"no, she needs to call us" sass

Lauralie butts in "So, is there a solution to this, or no?"

"Not unless melanie calls us- she's been texting us all day"

"oh- so can you give us her number?" I recommend?

"no- umm....I don't have it, Susie has it..." sass

"Well WHERE IS SUSIE THEN?" Lauralie demands

"she's not here"

we walk out and guess who we run into as we have alredy decided to give up on all this bullshit.


"Ladies, will we see you tonight?"

"no you won't because they can't seem to find Juliette's name on the list" Lauralie has pulled out her sass now.

"Hold on" calms Susie "juliette, that sounds familiar"

Susie proceeds to walk over to this bitch holding the clipboard and looks- "Oh, here it is!"

ya- that's what we thought.

MARGORIE is the raging idiot that the Karma Foundation had checking people in. Highlighting names on a list, attitude free, SHOULD be a simple task but what do I know anyway.

Thank you to the 9Group for inviting us. Thank you to the 9Group for the confirmation of our attendance 1 hour before we checked in. And NO THANKS to MARGORIE and the entire Karma Foundation for the Grief, Headache, and Bitchy~ness at the check in EW!

Ugg!! You people get a 0 out of 3 Fab Points....get it together! Is Customer Service DEAD???

Needlesss to day- we didn't attend.

We went to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza and had our night just turned right around. We love them.