Sunday, July 26, 2009

07.26.09 ~ Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza: 3 Fab Point(s)

I start out this blog with a huge sigh of relief.
It's LLE- 

Juli and I fell in love. 

I just cannot think of a better feeling than really great service. 

I first stepped foot into the fine Anthony's while Sampling some Monster Energy. I was immediately greeted by the general manager, Adam and invited to eat. 

OK! We were seated, passed out Monster and ordered a very specific 1/2 vegetarian pizza, 1/2 red sauce- the other white sauce. We were just unintentionally picky.

So we hydrated and then were served a complimentary side of wings. Not just any wings. think- hot wings but healthy and tossed in sauteed onions. Now, I'm the furthest thing from a chef. But, I am the closest to a glutton- so I know good food. And this was AhhMazing. Really though. 

I knew Juli needed to see this wonder so we came back. The very next day. We had an unfortunate experience right before we hit this spot but were immediately transported into what feels like a living room. Immediately.

The prettiest teethy smile opened the door and welcomed us in, only to be greeted again with fervor! "The Monster Girls are back!"

"Yes, we brought you samples- I wanted to introduce Juli to Adam, is he here?"

"Comin right up!"

Here comes my big brother, who was long lost until the previous day. Greeted with hugs we're invited to sit at the bar and given another feast of heaven.

We ate so much. I'm still full and it's been over 12 hours. 

We were greeted joyously by our bartender and passers through. The bartender couldn't stop raving about his boss...

What is this little garden of roses have we stumbled upon?

And these people were actually happy at their job.

My new big bro comes over to check on us and shows us around the place. Tells us they just 'roll like that'...


Apparently the previous night a bunch of peeps got together from the bar around the corner, reopened the restaurant and ate pizza's and drank. What is this, Wysteria Lane? 

I love it. 

Suuuhhhh fucking fabulous.

So now you all got the memo- it may be our choice for best pizza...any challengers?

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
Adam Goldstein
General Manager
Towne Square
6569 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119