Sunday, August 2, 2009

07.31.09 ~ M Pool's DayDream: 3 Fab Points

So, we like the M pool.

In fact we really like it. it's secluded and beautiful and the staff are wonderful. The people are mostly cool.

Mostly good looking.

You know it's a good crowd when you run into people you know from New York City. And new locals, former UNR alums who are rockin the cabana.

Like we're saying- this pool has Nevada love written all over it!

We probably just spent too long of a day there because about hour 6 we encountered dancing girl:

who just kept going. 

and wouldn't stop...

Needless to say- we declined.
It was the hottest day of the year- but it was the best place to spend it. The cocktail waitresses were attendant and not pushy. In fact, our friend got a comp'd bottle out of nowhere from management from former partnerships they had worked on.

And that is customer service.

Even when we first walked in we were handed business cards and actually taken right over to our friends. As each member of our group trickled in throughout the day- they were all ushered right up to us.

we drank the best mojito's I've ever had: strawberry and pineapple. yum.

And while you can expect the occasional drunk dancing girl- it barely ruined the atmosphere. 

Tourists did show up and get rowdy. Including our video vixen. She managed to tell us she was there alone. How she choose the M, I will never know- but she wasn't a local. and acted it. 

Then there was dread lock (singular) guy who thought the ball was the coolest invention ever and couldn't get enough.

Our friend Ashley eventually caught the ball and burned a whole in it with her lighter cause it got annoying after all day. 

renegade, she is

So we say- M pool, better than Hard Rock Pool. Yep- we said it. Our hearts sang just a little more here then at the hard Rock, so it's only fair we give them all 3 Fab points. We do realize they are new though...and that at any moment one can really just outdo the other. 

I just hope they both keep comp'd bottles for locals coming, cause we really are the best crowd.