Friday, August 14, 2009

08.15.09 ~ Original Pancake House, Green Valley Ranch: 2 1/2 Fab Points


My sis and I weren't really tryin to get pops a date- but he's grumpy and old- and so to get a genuine response outta him we have to tell him that we are doing something else entirely. Or at least, that is fun for us:

We get to the restaurant which is now in a new part of the casino. In fact, it's where the old cafe was. They have changed this around because apparently these cafe's in Vegas aren't making anything and are closing their doors left and right. Personally, the best thing to put in place of the cafe has got to be the Original Pancake House.

I was first introduced to it when it was on Sunset and Pecos. They outgrew that location now, too. And it is evident why.

Even the harshest customer winds up thinking so.

My dad has some very special requests:

But he is crazy and proceeds to tell me that allll the celebrities come to the Green Valley Ranch:

In the end- it is a given. The place has the best french toast in town. Tabasco. Or, no tobasco.

I want to give this place 3 fab points, but it lacks lots of fabulousness. I feel like my dad does about it...meh.

It's not going to be on the top recommended list- but what they do- they do well, and so there is no hate in that game. If it was the feel and mom-and-pop 'ness' like it was back on Sunset I may give it the whole 3 points.

You see my dilemma. A pleasurable experience, yet not outstanding. Go there and eat. And do it often. Make this your new 'regular' instead of ihop. Thats how I feel about it. Enough to put it on the 'dude, where's our default breakfast place?'. I think that is as fair as we can make it over here at SCS.

And please, even if you are at a place with 2 1/2 Fab points, tip your server if you're feelin extra gracious. (even perhaps if you're not- but you know that they deserve it)

Jenn works at Gordon Bierch on Paradise and we're working her into our review schedule. Give her a shout.out! Tell her you read the blog and she will be a 3 fab point server!

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