Sunday, August 23, 2009

08.22.09 ~ Marc Savard in Mesmerized: 2 Fab Point(s)

Mesmerized is mediocre

I had a good time. I don't know if it was because the show was good though. Perhaps it was the White Russian that I ordered. All 40oz. of it. And...more importantly it came in this rock star glowing cup that I am taking to Burning Man next week. It's LLE, and OF course I'm going to Burning Man, I'm a complete hippie.

I digress...

But this is kinda the case in point. I found myself not so mesmerized by the show.

What did I get from this show...

Well...I can't wait until Juli and I review the Miracle Mile shoppes! That is something from the experience, right? The gelato at the shop right off the parking lot is LEGIT. And there is this cool hat store I wandered into. I saw posted signs that said 'no photos'...but I took a photo.

ugh...I'm sorry...?

Look, the show is alright. The staff that checked us in at the Box Office was surprisingly unpleasant. They faked an interest in the plans of those in line in front of us. I was just annoyed. Don't fake-be-nice-to-me. Actually be nice to me. I can see it when you roll your eyes. And don't get mad if I don't want to be upsold...on a's already VIP...I don't need to purchase additional VIP, I'll be ok. We're allllll going to the same place.

We got the tickets and headed down the mall. I discovered shoppes that Juli and I will be reviewing Monday. We'll be gallivanting around and window shopping. On our quests for the perfect sponsors, we think this little venture will make for a clearer vision of who we will represent and we will get a pretty good review and photos out of the deal. Look for that.

ahhhh....we wander back around and head in. We're not quite sure which line to get into so we just head in and sit on down. We order drinks. Then get relocated out of our seats.


we find the cocktail waitress and wind up being the only ones around us drinking.

The projectors towards the stage aren't centered and I feel a little like I'm in an old school arena. I actually can't see the logo of the show on the screen. It's cut off. I wonder- did they do that on purpose? Is this going to be an old school type show...hmmm?

obviously I'm already feeling my gigantic drink. Mesmerized by the flashing lights.

LARGE. TIME. PIECE. swinging....back and forth

Out pops guy who looks like he could be a douchebag.

He speaks


Totally not a douchebag

Immediately the show gets rolling. Out comes hott little Asian assistant who does about 22 costume changes during the show and most of the heavy lifting. Her little-ness is cleanin shit off the stage and making it look effortless the ENtire time.

This show is wholly audience participation and depending on if you get some real losers on stage it could go either way. I found one specific grandma in a teal hippie shirt and focused on her the whole time. That bitch was crazy and was definitely under some kinda spell.

I saw and programmed a myriad of these shows in college, and this one was just as entertaining. Nothing more- nothing less. Hope for a good crowd and go cause you have some time and because you can buy some cool meditation cd's afterwards. Additionally, the proceeds go to charity and Marc Savard isn't a tool at all. He's actually pretty entertaining.

Bytheway- It happened to be his birthday last night, too: Happy 21st Marc!! we heart you!
This show will likely become a staple ala Tournament of Kings. Known for it's simplicity- it will only work so well in Vegas...but, all in all- it works.