Friday, August 14, 2009

08.10.09 ~ SouthPoint's Coronado Cafe: 0 Fab Points

Ugg!! Where do we begin folks?!

There is much (bad) to be said about the Coronado Cafe, the 24 hour Cafe inside the South Point Casino.

The South Point, one of the Socialites favorite places to hang low key, is also the home to one of the worst Cafe's in the City!

Before heading home we both get that familiar grumbling in our tummies.

"FOOD" I proclaimed.

"NOW" LLE confirmed.
It being about midnight that limited our options to the 24 hour Cafe. So we made our way across the unusually crowed casino floor. Monday night is poppin at South Point!

We walk right up to the hostess stand.

"Party of two" the older lady questions.

"Yes" we proclaim.

"Okay, (she points) follow her"

A little confused as to who "her" is, we begin to enter the restaurant, examining all the female staff moving about the floor.

"Umm okay" I say.

With a confused look on her face LLE declares "...I think shes talking about that lady"

A hostess stands cleeeeear across the restaurant waving a menu casually.

Unguided, we make our way across the restaurant headed towards the woman. As we get about half way to her, she places the menus at the edge of the table and walks off...

To go off for a second: I'm confused. I hate that trash! Why can't the hostess actually walk us to the table...I don't get it.

"Okay what the hell is going on" I explode.

"Umm that is a good question, is this or isn't this our table, what's going on" LLE exclaims.

We stand in the middle of the restaurant, like dumbasses, for about 30 seconds before asking a random nearby busser...

"Is this supposed to be our table, the hostess just walked off..."

He cuts us off, "Yeah, it's your table".

We sit.

"Some hostess" I think to myself...out loud.

"Yeah really" LLE agrees.

At this point we are both annoyed.


Hmmmm what to have what to have. While perusing the menu time goes by.

10 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

"When the fuck are we gonna get some water?!" I exclaim....parched.

"I know damn! We have been here for 20 minutes!? That's it! Excuse me?" LLE calls over another random employee.

"Can we get some water, we have been here for 20 minutes".

"Oh okay", the random responds.

He returns with water....LLE turns to me and says "Look".

In her water is an Unidentifiable Floating Object...a UFO.

"That's disgusting" I admit. "This is ridiculous".

We call over the less than helpful graveyard manager. We explain about the hostess, the wait time on our freakin' water, AND the fact that we STILL have yet to place an order. He brings over a server.

Order placed.

Food received.

Time for refills. When our water begins to get low we are approached by a strange sarcastic busser.

"Ugg I'm so over this place." I decide.

"Me too, worst service ever." LLE agrees loud enough for all to hear.

HORRIBLE hostesses, Zombie Staff, UFO's (unidentified floating objects) in the water, and shitty unapologetic management is what you have to look forward to at the South Point's 24 hour Coronado Cafe.

We say STAY AWAY!!!

0 FAB Points to you Coronado Cafe!!!