Sunday, August 2, 2009

08.01.09 ~ Nathan Burton Comedy and Magic: 3 Fab Points

(I ment to say Comedy AND Magic show on the video.) Burton is both magician and comedian. If you have not seen Nathan Burtons Magic/Comedy Show yet...what ARE you waiting for? You might be waiting to hear about it. Perhaps. In fact, if I didn't see his smiling face plastered by Donnie and Marie on the Flamingo I'd be waiting too.

This show is a must see!

We had a WONDERFUL time to say the least! The show is fucking hysterical AND family friendly. Can we say both those things in the same sentence?


We head to the show. Unfortunately late, yet so genuinely upset that we were. We soo don't mean to be late...we're working on this...

As we walk up we apologetically say "we're late! sorry!"

we get "ya you are" in return.

and then "do you have tickets?!"

"we have comp'd tickets" tickets for us.

How come this happens to us?

A minute later a lovely woman comes out and tells the employee something about switching tickets and she will show us to our seats. Little did we know that this was Nathan's mom seating us. We found out when we got the official intro after the show. Seriously. holler to that.

We sit down are and immediately greeted by some great music and lots of excitement.

The show features SUPER hot showgirls...not just any show girls but 2009 style ladies. Updated outfits with pizazz, spunk, and super sex appeal! We vote for these showgirls and their booty shorts over Jubilee. Seriously, my favorite part might have been the showgirl interludes with their "showgirl" brands across their booties.

The choreography was great too...featuring songs we all know that are current; songs you can sing along and bob your head to! These are our kind of gals!!!! We love them!!!!

Nathan Burton knows how to put on a show. Unlike that creepy ass eyeliner-wearing Criss Angel. GASP! did they just talk shit.

Well, it's kinda what we do.

We say, hands down, that this show is BETTER than Criss Angel. And we were even fucked up when we saw Mr. Angel and his was still weird. Nathan's was good. and funny. and not at all creepy in any kinda of pedophile type way.

There is also an audience participation segment. Hopefully unsuspecting volunteers wind up being good sports. This pic is from the 'masked' portion led by master comedian Russ Merlin.

I almost wished that once the guests had their masks on that more was done with them. Putting the masks on took quite some time. The best part was definitely their assigned tasks with each mask.

Nathan's show features yet another additional act including the funniest juggler/comedian I have seen all year: Michael Holly

I somehow managed to make him laugh after the show. holler for that. ...I don't know, I said something about opiates which was especially funny at the time. So we photo-mingled.

We then got a backstage tour
which was most amazing.

See, randomly I know Burton's sister, Emily. I had run into her at the M pool and we decided to get to the show.

After the show ended it was a mad scramble to the merch stand. everyone who was on stage was there. Emily, Nathan's sister, works on stage with tech, sold merch, and handles all press inquiries. She pretty much does it all. And that's his sister. And remember his mom who sat us? This thing is a family operation the whole way. It's nice to see that those still exist.

Emily took us past the stage as it was getting set- up for Donnie and Marie.Wwalked past Marie's dressing room. Up to the offices and green room that hangs above the stage.

We saw the showgirls costume storage and the office area. It was truly awesome to see it all. Burton is a wonderful performer inviting us into his family and his venue.

We felt truly blessed to be in their backstage where the magic truly does happen.

Then this bitch put us in headdresses. very.freaking. cool. I have a headwrap on, so I look like an idiot...but Juli looks like she should just be RIGHT on in that show. She should be- she wears booty shorts ALL the time. And girl can dance..just saying. Look at Emily! She's smiling and excited that we're visiting! Love you girl! THANK YOU!

My utmost FAVORITE part of the entire production was this picture on the wall. It is of Nathan making Emily float when they were kids. How cool is that?

This is someone who is still passionate about his craft. His whole family is involved. This is his childhood dream realized. And the show is good. For those two reasons- go see the goddamn show. And buy photos and tell your kids you support something worthwhile. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

In the end it's nice to see that those who just so honestly deserve success, like Nathan, are getting it!

And if you still don't want to see the show, then how about this, fuckers:

Michael Jackson went and saw the show and this is the napkin he used to wipe his mouth. It's hanging in the dressing room.

From one icon to the next.


So, oh- ya...3 FAB points...duh...