Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Generation Y Manifesto, from girls who know

Ladies and Gents,

We haven't done much of our insightful ramblings that we are so genuinely good at.

Well here is one. Something a bit overdue, mothafuckkas.

Oprah, I love you- and I know you will totally love this too- so please, invite us to talk about it- we listened to our mothers when they said you were right.

Who are we? The Gen Y-ers? Well, by using purely our overeducated and sometimes simplistic non-objectivity, here is who we think we are.

We are interesting young people. People who have different and conflicting attitudes about hard work and smart work- and whose dissonance from our (highly likely) non-traditional upbringing is a constant source of struggle.

We travel. All over. Perhaps we want to give credit to 'television' and all it brought to us to tell us we could go anywhere. We have whet appetites for trying to really fucking see shit. Really fucking learn shit.

We curse. And we don't think we should apologize. Some things in life can near be expressed as sufficiently as the phrase "Get this Shit:>>>the getting<<<"

We feel disrespected. We feel belittled. And we know when its happening to us. We want to rebel and we think success is the best revenge. Ergo, do some of us use our hate as motivation? We totally do.

We think the movie, Clueless spoke clearly to the high school girls we grew into. And we would be hardpressed to deny our inner desire to have our 'car pimped' from MTV or be on Cribs.

We're the ones who started Michael memorials online en masse and amazingly talented Gen Y-ers sang his tribute. We are the ones who took what he gave us in music and really let the fuck go.

Generation Y-ers are fighters, man. We're loud and messy and unforgiving as all hell.

But we are passionate, aren't we?

Most of us are scared to think we will be more successful than our parents. We are pretty sure our parents are too.

Most of us want communities, but forgot how to commune.

We are innately positive and rise above more intently than any generation in history. We fail less. We believe in breaking records with fervor. We were born into a privileged state of the world. Even. when. we're. not.

When we do something, we do it with and from emotion.

We were the "children" you all talked about would change the world.


Let us.

Listen to our collaborative, honest, disrespectful and loving manifesto: Gen Yers are going to change the world once we start letting ourselves.

I mean...shit, isn't it about goddamn time.
Ya- Goddamn.
Put that on our money

We're angry and excited. We have angst over trivial things like...being "normal". And we know we are grateful for what we have, even a little. Even though we hate to admit it. Even though we haven't finished growing.

We are bringing the world some impressive things. Like electing President Obama. And reporting news about the Pope and Harry Potter. And arguing about medicine and food and science and success.

We are rowdy. Start making hotels for that, Las Vegas...

So listen up, mothafuckkas! We are your consumers, constituents and colleagues. Be on our side. Shit, call it a revolution to clean up the earth.

So ladies- get our your Victoria Secret Underwear and your Gucci heels, put on your big sunglasses and...IRON...and drink a martini...and look over at your literary masterpiece on the table and remember "Sighhhh, I love this life"

Men- get out your laptop and just do that thing you do.

then say it again:

Sighhhh, I love this life.