Wednesday, July 22, 2009

07.20.09 ~ Jubilee: 1 Fab Point

The Show Jubilee at Bally's left LLE and I (Juli) with OH so much to say....

here are each of our takes on the long running Vegas show....

Juli's take on Jubilee:

According to

ju-bi-lee (noun)
any season or occasion of rejoicing or festivity; rejoicing or jubilation

...after seeing the show I have changed the definition to

ju-bi-lee (noun)

an inordinate clusterfuck of color, plotless arbitrary dancing and singing, with no shortage of high kicks

As the show began LLE and I sat in wild anticipation of one of Las Vegas' greatest staple shows....or at least that is what we have heard for all these years. Frankly I felt like a "Bad Local" for not seeing this show sooner...after all it has been around since before Jesus.

From the moment the curtains went up I was lost. I could not tell you what the show was about if my life depended on it! Generally....or at least in my experiencnce, shows, movies, life (you name it), have had a beginning-middle-and end...well Jubilee broke the mold on this one folks! The show seemed to bounce around from scene to scene with nothing as a common tread keeping it all together, but high kicks.

The random juggling act and man on man contortionist duo really through me for the biggest loop. At that point I didnt know what the hell I was watching....or why for that matter.

There was just SO much going on and none of it had to do with the previous or the following... If I was on 'shrooms I would have had a seizure, that much I know.

We sat through the whole show with confused looks on our faces. The fictious light bulb that is supposed to go off when you "get it" ....never went off for us....

I give Jubilee 1 fab point out of 3 because I have to give it to the costume designer, those costumes were badass!

LLE's take:

I just can't review movies and shows and shit. Because when I say "I don't get it" I give too much credit to the writers and not enough to myself.

I didn't get it.

I saw the Radio City Rockettes in NYC- and I really expected something similar. Well...Jubilee is similar...I guess... in that it's a show.

But what the fuck was the Samson and Delilah epic? I was so taken aback. I didn't know where one theme started and another began.

what's even worse is that we somehow managed to score comps for the clothed revue. We missed out on the clevage.

Is a jubilee like...a variety show? Cause...I didn't know that I was watching 'America's Got Talent meets 'Cirque Do Soleil, and a bunch of other randomness. At one moment I got flash backs of really rad 80's movies.

OMG- look at this (fluff)- it ALL makes sense now...such an evil laugh.

Like our local anchors say- its sooo campy

But it's sooo not a classic. it's gross.

So I'll give it a fab point. Just one. For being able to be "one of the longest running shows in Vegas." That in and of itsself is kinda a miracle.

You may want to fight the desire to see this one, folks.