Wednesday, July 22, 2009

07.22.09 ~ Hilton Las Vegas Tweet-Up: 2 Fab Point(s)

Ohhhh tweeps

It's LLE.

I just got back from the Hilton's Tweet-up. It was...interesting.

Mimi and I walked in and said our hello's to the whole bar. Channel 3 came up to say hello to us- and in 1 hour I will be on the news slurring something about networking...through my straw...

Anyway- bitches- we're out and about and we are reviewing your asses alllll the time.

Now, I have been to Tempo before when there was this really unfortunate duo singing pop music. Tonight there was no such entertainment. Alas, we all still managed to have a good time.

I am starting to realize that there is just no certain type of 'tweeter'. I don't know what I expected, but I didn't expect to encounter judgy old jealous housewife. It was weird. Then I met cool homo's and twitter enthusiasts. And it was a pretty chill vibe. It wasn't as socially stinted as 'meet-ups' sometimes can be. This event fully managed to be completely successful and limitedly awkward.

Other than being yelled at by a cougar, I had a pretty good time. I realized that so many smart and successful are out here in Vegas and it is really nice to be in a room full of real go-getters. Uplifting!

Tempo is cool to lounge in, except that the bar is on the exterior of the lounge. I understand the set-up, but the place was a little much for all the cocktail servers- plus, HIlton, as cool as it is to get a free drink, your servers may have been removed from the gratuity opportunity. Throw some their way tonight, they were working hard. And they were hot. And brunette. hollerrrrr

Furthermore, I am realizing that there is so much we have to offer each other as businesspeople. That still remains the essence of this shitshow blog- we could only hope that other small venues would pride themselves as much as the Hilton respected the clientele of the evening, and more importantly, their gem- Tempo.

It's nice, Tempo.

I would suggest a passing through. Don't plan a birthday party here, but stop in afterwords to nightcap. It's definitely a nightcap kinda place.