Sunday, July 12, 2009

07.11.09 ~ Mimi Photography: 3 Fab Point(s)


Let us tell you about a FABULOUS photographer. We take photos. In fact, both us ladies are proud to be promotional models for Monster Energy- so when you see and hear about this, you will now know.

But we take pictures.

LLE was a model for MSA in New York City and I have done numerous promos, including modeling and photos for Bacardi, Ride Now Power Sports and others.

Not to toot our own horn, but we like this shit.

And we're fairly good at it.

Mimi isn't like other photogs- she's actually cool. She's so chill and accommodating. She was also very demanding in what she expects from the model and was sure to provide us with homework for the next shoot.

We never felt like she was putting us in compromising positions, and she cares about what looks best and works hard to find the perfect frame.

Having someone so dedicated to her art is something that is hard to find and fully appreciated.

While she builds her pin-up portfolio she is working toward opening a studio that will cross between the arts.

We have this in Vegas, people! Take advantage. Her prices are invaluably low! She does great work. That comes from girls who would know. I mean, we do this.

So, when wondering where to get your personal relationship pin-ups for your partner or start your journey through the feminism that is pin-up- go to Mimi.

She reserves a full day for you so she can put all her efforts on one person. That being said, you too should give yourselves a full day to get in the vibe.

To Mimi- this is art.

So, go play!

You should know her...and you should most definatly SHOOT WITH HER!




She does hair and make up her self- she's the artist, people! And you get to help co-create.



and she has a home studio!

We praise her and think YOU should shoot with her so BOOK TODAY and tell her Sin City Socialites sent you!

Furthermore, she does Pin-Up parties- so call your girlfriend who sells dildos and your mom who sells Mary Kaye and throw a joint lil shindig and drink and laugh and get glammed with your besties. I just can't think of a better girls night in then getting rocked out in the comfort of your own home with women catering to your every need. Then having the pictures to show for it.

In fact, LLE does the dildo parties- have that bitch come over.

We totally just planned your Friday night

Now...who sells Avon and we will be complete! (Pre-party facials)

ok, I've gone off on an event planning tangent. Not a bad idea though, hey I'll bring the Monster.


really though- who wants to? email us

Her photography speaks for itself...