Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07.01.09 ~ Don't Tell Mama: 3 Fab Point(s)

Walk past the Fremont Street Experience....(think: 'maybe I'll like that one day too?'...flowing with overenthusiasm)

Head into 'DON'T TELL MAMA'

where the bartenders are so sassy and jazzy you're not sure if you should swoon or applause.

LLE & Juli did both.

You can even request songs- but if they don't have the sheet music, it will be hard for their Piano Player to wing it. Ya- I said it, PIANO player.

No- I didn't say Dueling pianos...

classier than you thought downtown could be

The singing increased our feelings of well being and we sipped our cocktails with clientele who seemed as forever friends.

GO TO THAT BAR!!! Seriously!