Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07.01.09 ~ El Cortez Cabana Suites: 3 Fab Point(s)

Do tell her!

We twittered about a week ago about the fabulocity that is the El Cortez Cabana Suites and 'Don't Tell Mama' downtown.

Then we ate hot dogs and blew shit up and felt free.

we take holidays too, people!

So we're back to work- galavanting around town doing our things. And we have so much to talk about, we had to start back at the Amazing downtown night we had.

Perhaps our expectations were unfairly low...or maybe they were right on- we did grow up here. Either way- we cannot diminish the love that we now feel for downtown.

What have they done down there? Maybe I spent too many years away in NYC- but it is really awesome down there now. Thy have the whole artsy-rockabilly thing going on. Tattoos, singing, art, and some chill ass spots. Well we hit up 2 of those spots in particular to highlight today.

First- the El Cortez Cabana Suites.

Now I'm not trying to be all 'underground' and hip when I say this. It's not the Sahara people, its this massively underrated chic hotel. From the outside it fits just perfectly with the landscape. In fact, I may have failed to venture in past the homeless man outside if I wasn't one hundred percent sure we were in the right place.

We walked in and I gasped so suddenly I took the air out of the room...

Is that an LCD with Jay-Z playing? The floor is checkered...ahhhh- I love paisley. Home? I thought I heard my friend say 'It's only 600 a month' and I glistened- 'you can live here?'


He immediately burst that bubble.

Although, the fact that I wanted to move into a motel in downtown Las Vegas should speak volumes to its appeal.


We had to sign-in dorm style at the doorman, past security, sitting at his white kiosk.


Am I in wonderland? Take a picture.


I knew nothing about this little mecca of bright, contemporary hidden art.


It was kinda love at first sight- are you getting this people? I'm falling in love right under your little eyes. ahhhhh, your LLE is growing up!



SO....where was I....


Leon, being Fag-u-lous (word of the day, people)

in love with the decor,


the staff and the ability to have a stocked mini-bar in the room.



Once we had a few shots we wanted to say hello to all our TWEEPS!!!!

We love our followers and are so excited to give you the scoop. We're such gossip gals....


See- I'm in love, and I wanna say hi to the is just a WonDERfulll evening thus far.

Then we went to Don't Tell Mama