Tuesday, June 30, 2009

06.29.09 ~ Pink Taco: 2 1/2 Fab Point(s)

Everybody likes Pink Taco...right?

Juli here letting you in our Monday outting to the fabulous Las Vegas staple Pink Taco.

Appropriately located in the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino where beautiful people are as in abundance as the slot machines.....usually that is....this particular Monday something was...well off. 

The chi of the Hard Rock was in disorder, possibly there was a beautiful people convention going on somewhere OTHER than the Hard Rock that day, and we didn't get the memo.


Upon entering the Pink Taco we are graciously greeted by a bright happy smile.

"Party of two?" (always!)


"Right this way..."

We are quickly seated and open our menus feverishly...

Not a second after our bums hit the seat we were pleasantly greeted by another smiling face!

Now we have been to PT on many occasions....MANY...and this has to be the fastest service we have ever gotten....well played PT, well played.

The glossy black menu's and white sort of squiggly font acted as a small feat for me deciding what I want. Either these 24 year old eyes are going on me or they should consider a different font/color choice.

What seemed to be milliseconds later a bowl of warm tortilla chips and a variety of salsas appeared before us! Yum! This is our favorite part of PT...the pre munchies.

VEGGIE QUESIDILLLA was the final consciences and the order was placed.

Not once did we ask for a refill, not once did we have to hunt down our server, and not once did we have to bitch!

Pink Taco has past proven to be a badass place to stop for some pre or post partying grub and once again it has made the cut! Hats off to you Pink Taco you Rock just as much as the Casino you are located in!

Sin City Socialites love Pink Taco! (Take that how you will)




Pink Taco at Hard Rock Hotel

Date of visit:

Monday June 29, 2009








Awesome decorations, great service, wonderful food

W-What a mess!

Menu hard to read in the low-lighting

O-Other Options

Can tie into the locals with the Monday Party by offering specials, happy hour style.

T-Think about it…

Keep the locals at the Casino, and at the eatery by working on event cross-promo’s with the pool and the tattoo shop.


Comments: Our waitress was wonderful, did everything by-the-book including up-selling us margaritas and dessert. She was beautiful, friendly and efficient! Thank you for producing GOOD SERVERS

2 ½ of 3 SCS FabPoints