Monday, June 15, 2009

EERKK...back up! Who is You, Socialites?

OK, who the hell are the socialites? Let us introduce ourselves:

Socialites, Critics, local Las Vegas native's, educated entertainers, models, friends, Gen Y-ers, and comediennes who review and comment on the customer service industry.

(Follow us to find out what all that means ;) )

Here are our contributions to our community through SinCtySocialite:

1. We will review local businesses.
2. We will rate the experience on a sliding scale.
3. We will provide feedback.
4. We will expose true Vegas.

Our mission is to better enhance the customer experience in our community. We will amuse, entertain, analyze and consult.

We look forward to the cooperation of local Las Vegas enterprises to help them provide better service to their customers.

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