Friday, June 12, 2009

Beginning the Critic Journey

Unfortunately, not enough is said about the Las Vegas local scene. 

Ya- so you hear from promoters, from Ad agencies, from businesses- but as natives, we have decided to take our nightly ventures to the web. Give real people real reviews.

Our blog will encapsulate the mundane, the extravagant and the luxurious. 

Perhaps we begin with dinner at Dos Caminos, go to Lavo in Palazzo, stop by a party house, head to a Denny's for a late night munch session...

In fact- last nights' session-out looked just like the aforementioned. 

Denny's was our last stop and we would NOT recommend it for the service. But then again, it is Denny's. The milkshakes are bomb...especially at 2AM. This is the location at Boulder Highway and Harmon, across the Street from the new East Side Cannery. 

our commentary- and, as an intro we are LLE and Juli
Denny's isn't doing so great at keeping customers- or, retaining them...Where is the marketing team? What the F keeps them alive? maybe its the drunk 2AM-ers.

Dos Caminos wound up living up to its NYC roots. LLE has been to both the NYC locations and the LV location. Aside from the confusing skull wall and bathrooms with no 'occupied/vacant' was awesome.

We watched the Laker/Magic game while picking out the guys we thought were hottest on the team. Juli likes #12 Magic, even if he was soooo bad at those free throws.

Best guac ever. 

Go in and ask for the bartender Brandi. She has a huge rock on her finger and was a Top Model finalist. These days she's hott, wonderful, and will totally check your ID. Tip her well and tell her you found her through the Sin City Socialites. We would love the kudos that come with making it rain for her.

Luckily- you get the commentary of it all.

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