Tuesday, June 30, 2009

06.28.09 ~ WAL-MART: 1/2 Fab Point(s)

Business meetings for SCS sometimes take place in our PJ's, at Wal Mart, at 3AM, while wearing sunglasses...inside...at night. 

I know, I know...


If we could give out negative fab points we would. So...since we can do whatever we want- Wal Mart gets 3 negative Fab points. No. No. No...thats not fair. 

We'll give it a half. 

Look, I'll make this simple. It sucks. We ALL know it sucks. But we went. And we will continue to go...and so, we will review it.  

And shut up- because you know you guys go too. Going to Wal-Mart is like shaving. You loathe it, but its fairly necessary. 

I mean, there are some perks...ugh...even I'll admit it. 

It's the only place you can go at 3AM to get a day planner, file cabinet, shoes, baby clothes, or even a digital camera...or vitamins... or a number of other things that seem essential when you're sleep deprived.

Perhaps you're in the mood to scrapbook... or fish...orrrrr...ride a bike. Go in 24 hours of the day and all those dreams can come true.

And, total sidenote for those who are part of the Lisa Frank generation:

remember that bitch? the psychedelic trapper keepers and shit?!

Well as we were shopping for our folders for SCS we found Ed Hardy composition notebooks which I so proudly related to Lisa Frank. And, as I'm looking today at the notebook in fine print it reads: "Ed Hardy Licensed by Lisa Frank."

did you guys know that?

Ed Hardy is the new Lisa Frank!

Totally makes sense. 

I would carry a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper if I still had one. She kinda went all "Bratz Dolls" on us...but still...

And she has some sage advice for us on her website:

"No matter who you are, everybody has a dream! What do you want to be?A doctor? A scientist? A teacher? Or even an artist like Lisa Frank! You can be anything you want to be as long as you practice and work at it." 

I wanna be on the same drugs Lisa takes when she designs...how about that?
Really- an angel cat? this is what I'm talking about...

All I want in life. Rainbow erasers. I can't seem to find the Unicorns...where did they go? Maybe they were to obviously opiate.

But then again, I'm pretty sure this is a picture of a girl. on an egg. with a personal goat.

This one is the best. message received?

We TOTALLY bought the notebooks, needless to say. The woman who checked us out thought we were teachers....umm...no

See the value of 3AM Wal-Mart runs? You learn things often. ok.. sometimes. fine...rarely. *LLE





Date of visit:

Sunday June 28, 2009






SWOT Analysis


Hours and locations

W-What a mess!

Wait for checkout, Unfair Employer Practices

O-Other Options

Clean up, Open more registers, Teach Customer Service to Employees

T-Think about it…

People were killed in your parking lot…think about it…


Comments: none

1/2 of 3 SCS FabPoints