Monday, September 21, 2009

09.21.09 ~ BluBlockers: 3 1/2 Fab point(s)

It's so hard to try to find something to say as constructive criticism for BluBlockers...

because we love them suh.fucking.much.

It's LLE

We just cannot get enough of these sunglasses.

But it's not even just the glasses.

ya- I was wearing a boa, btw..Aaron gave me one so I decided to be 'that girl' who walks around Town Square with a Boa on and a camera following her. I looked a little like a clown...but, regardless...

We met these guys through the fabulous world of twitter. While they have being UNLV fans working against them (I'm a UNR fan...shut up) (Juli is a UNLV fan, so it's ok)
they have some really chill attitudes working for them.

Aaron Righellis and Michael Bohn are your 'go-to-guys' for all things Creative and Advertising. In fact, they even are designing some logos for SCS, so when that comes out- you'll know where it came from. Yes,
they were so ridiculously cool, the sunglasses wound up being an afterthought.

Their office is in town square as is the BluBlockers Kiosk.

Now I had never heard of these sunglasses before so I decided to google. Especially considering everyone kept asking 'oh, the ones from the video'? ...meaning:

WHICH, if I might Add- is THEE best video I have seen in ages.

Just saying

After we walk through the "covered breezeway" to get to their office and sniff their new paint- and of course, grab the boa, we start to head down to the kiosk.

We are all about great customer service, and there was no lack of it here.

I say- Do one thing really really really really well...and you can be successful.

They do a couple things really well- but this kiosk is the perfect reentry for BluBlockers, especially in Vegas. And especially when you have outgoing, nice and knowledgeable staff working for you!

Shoutout to Delaini who we want to hire to do...well, like we said, anything for us.

Take note people- get someone who is excited to be sitting at your kiosk to work for you. I'll buy anything from someone who is nice and excited. And generally probably loves their life. Or so it seemed.

My sis Jenn brought her raggedy ass sunglasses...

She really did get those off the streets of NYC. I know cause I was with her. So- they totally aren't real Chanel's and this is that disclaimer and shit.

We have been wearing these glasses everywhere. A Monster Energy drink exploded in my face at work- and the BluBlockers stopped it from getting in my eye. And, luckily the monster didn't eat away at the lense. And that is some rough ish.

We really look forward to seeing what else these guys have coming up. Fairly new in their business, their website and client list is impressive- and everything they are creating is so very Vegas friendly, it only makes sense that we show the love back!

Stop by and say hello to these guys and look for our logo coming soon- we will actually be able to review their services for you all.

In the meantime

"It's LLE, I put um on as a shoCKerrr, I love da BluBlockerrrs"

3 and a half out of 3 FABULOUS points.

aka- fully fucking fabulous.