Sunday, September 13, 2009

09.12.09 ~ Pei Wei: 3 Fab Point(s)

I love Pei Wei! It's LLE.

I discovered this mini version of PF Chengs in 2005 and have been an avid fan ever since. I still get the same thing everytime, but they do what they do very very well. And for this, they get 3 Fab points.

While working Monster me and some co workers stopped in to sample the staff. They ushered us in and took care of us immediately. The general manager came over and gave us his card and introduced himself.

I was so impressed.

I sent a follow-up email.

What kind of hybrid is this restaurant? It's so unique in its faux fast food model that it just works so much better than I've ever seen. A model that definitely stands out! What is the protocol for tipping in a place like this- a very interesting mix of fast and yet upscale...a high end combination of both. A boutique fast food restaurant that isn't fast...?

these are the thoughts that I have...and I digress. often. nearly all the time.

what the hell...



AHA! Pei Wei...

I can't wait to hang out with Alex at the Double Down. If he is as fun as he is clean, then that is something to look forward to. He let us wander in, unannounced to check out the diggs and we stayed far enough away that no one needs to worry about some of our dreads getting in your noodles. It's not gonna happen. Although I can't say you wouldn't be pleased. Just saying.

We ate and video'd the reactions. You should definitely see our faces. Ashley thought her food tasted Ahhh Mazing and had never been before.

Since we didn't get much of anything good from the intern contest, we forced Ashley to come hang with us. After this performance we're not so sure she is up for the challenge...just sayin...

She does work at Blondies though! Go in and find the girl with pink hair. Ask her how she got the job. The story is so good, juicy Vegas it's perfect to discuss over beer pong.

Not that juicy...come on...

We head out with FULL tummies and beautiful blonde cashiers waving us out the doors. How come the girls over taking our order is always blonde over there. Uhem...your colored women wanna see some color, Alex Oliverias.


Amazingly well done service. Employees are genuinely enjoying their job. From our cashier to our busser- checking in with our table between sweeping up...see...that is awesome...what is that? it's some magical hybrid very quite unlike Sizzlers. And I want more.

HOLLER for Alex!

3 FAB points for Alex and the Sunset Pei Wei! Now about those Bacon Martini's, boo....?