Friday, August 28, 2009

08.27.09 ~ Studio 222 Las Vegas: 3 1/2 Fab Point(s)

Okay- we haven't done this before- we have never given away more than 3 fab points. But for Studio 222, we must. We just must! They broke the mould! Even under tougher scrutiny than usual establishments- we managed to still s q u e e z e out all the fab points to assign. Plus some.

This elite rating is based on the fact that I laughed and cried and had self discovery and zen all in the same place. That happens...well...never.

I'm sore. It's LLE.

Juli and I had a wonderful time reviewing this gym. This footage and experience is a long one- so sit back relax, and enjoy your shitshow.

We stopped in with Leon and Jenn to check out where our training would take place. Studio 222, upon entry is very pleasing on the eyes! The green gym recycles, has a recycled bamboo entry way, and a crisp clean appearance. Offering massages, specializing in private sessions, and taking a real hands on approach to weight loss and over all health...we are impressed already!

Amenities like this SUPER AWESOME machine below:

We scheduled a day to train, and the rest is in video form here- we will elaborate when needed:

Found my way to her house- getting in the car...

this is the best footage we have ever caught:

spend 5 minutes in the car driving with us. it's a fun ride...

follow me as I drop a's an SCS project over the next few. Seriously, I don't need thighs as big as my dog.

We FINALLY get to the gym. Sorry it took forever- we're slow and I can't drive cause I'm flighty and shit.

We're immediately separated by James and Heather...but the fun continues.

ahhh where has Boxing been all my life?? Juli here- and I am in love, with a new physical activity: Muay Thai Boxing! Bless James for his patience with me, although I must give myself some credit I did begin to really get the hang of it.

James and Heather walk through the sessions with us and are truly talented, knowledgeable, and passionate Instructors.

Studio 222 offers an intimate workout experience in which you can really get tuned into your problem areas to get them where they need to be. The one on one, student and teacher aspect helps with reaching goals while learning about your body, health, and fitness from a trained professional.

People. There is no point going to another gym in town, seriously. And this is coming from a gal who doesn't even like to work out. The one on one training sessions with James and the staff at Studio 222 are better in so many ways to the other gyms at which you are just a number. Working one on one and in small groups no bigger than 4 really allows you to learn, and I mean really LEARN what you are doing.

Studio 222

8645 W Flamingo Rd Suite #104

Las Vegas, NV 89147


Heather Doane:

Rates for personal one on one training:

60min @ $85 with James

60min @ $65 with Heather

45min @ $65

30min @ $50

Rates for small group training (up to 4ppl):

60min @ $100

45min @ $80

We're telling you, you should book today tell 'em the Sin City Socialites sent ya!

Studio 222 gets a fabulous 3 1/2 out of 3 Fab points! (A never before set record!)