Wednesday, June 17, 2009

06.16.09 ~ Chippendales: 2 Fab Point(s)

Wow, we soooo have some haters. Already! we consider ourselves lucky, thank you. 

On to our second formal review:

To Chippendale's we GO!

Its lil Juli- I mUST report on this...I just do not have enough to say!

Fashionably late as usual, we make our way to the Will Call desk at the not-so-fabulous Rio Hotel Casino. Clickity clack clickity clack goes our 4 inch heels along the tile. 

The bouncers adorned in all black suits take our tickets and playfully ask:

“Where have you been? We’ve been waiting.”

“We are here now! That’s all that matters!”

“Enjoy the show LaDieS”….little did we know what awaited us around the corner.

Hand in hand we cautiously followed the man in black through the fog. Yes, the fog machines were in high use.

The moment LLE and I entered the room I knew we were destined for an experience unlike any we had ever had before, and boy was I right.

Flashing lights, pelvic thrusting, over choreographed chiseled men dancing in unison graced our eyes as we entered the theater.

One phrase came to mind:!

and we both were laughing so hard as we entered...we almost fell on our faces. Are we at a Backstreet Boys concert?

The women (and few gay men that peppered the audience) were like wild dogs in heat on the edges of their seats dying to see more.

As we took our seats, I still was in shock as to what I was seeing. Every part of me wanted to find it attractive…don’t get me wrong those men were sizzzlin’ but….the gyrations mixed with the banana hammocks juuuuust ehhh sent my mind into some strange alternate universe where sexuality is all mixed up like the Jamba Juice I had earlier in the day.

At one point, I looked at LLE and we realized all the men on stage were clearly homosexuals- whom we had no desire to gyrate upon. But we did want to be their best friends.

As the show progressed I decided to give it a chance; stop being such an Ice Queen; let down the draw bridge; feed into the idea a bit…there was just something so remedial about the show…but in a pleasurable sense.

They were sure to cover all the bases of the “typical” woman's fantasy…

Construction Workers
The “Bad Boy”
Mr. Romantic
Hot Corporate Guy
The Guiddo
Hot Chocolate….you name it, they had it….

AND for some reason I remained dry….downstairs…as in not aroused….as in...I am not a male who likes males.

But, in the end it was hilarious. Fun ensued - and as far as it was ment to be entertaining- it was.

The best part was when they pull the ladies up on stage. 

LLE and I hid when they turned the spotlight on the crowd. The ladies they did choose had some wonderful moves, and made the show!

Afterwards we walked thru the gift shop where we saw the most perfect post card "After so many six packs, I needed a drink"

and that is exactly what we went to do right before our photo shoot!

Those pics up soon- enjoy the review. x's and o's:




Rio all Suites Hotel

Date of visit:

Tuesday June 16, 2009






Fun, funny and entertaining. Good Music.

W-What a mess!

The choreography

O-Other Options

Enhance the ‘sexy’ of the show. A little less dancing, a lil more ass

T-Think about it…

Outdated show, outdated technology.

Comments: The show was fun. We would suggest a banquet style-setup instead of theatre-style. And lighten up on the fog.

2 of 3 SCS FabPoints

2 points for price value, duration of show, hilarity. We couldn’t grant the last point because we were so repeatedly distracted with the obvious homoeroticism.